Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) is a market research vendor in Syracuse, NY. Our company strives to mitigate any predisposed client frustrations they might have with market research. Many of our clients come to us with past experience with other market research vendors and they tell our team that we are better than the rest. Or at least that’s what our anonymous client satisfaction survey data says over the years. As a market research firm, of course we have to conduct market research on ourselves right?

So when new clients come to RMS, we often have to ensure them that the experience they will have with our team will differ from other vendors. It starts with the business development team before a proposal is even started. Even our kickoff meeting agenda point-blankly asks our clients “what are your expectations from the research?”, and “what would you like to learn from the market research?” Through these discussions about previous vendors and expectations, common themes and frustrations emerge.


“We should have used RMS.”

Here are 3 client frustrations with market research vendors:

  • Research vendors too often see potential clients as undifferentiated. Example Quote: “They do not even know what our company does or what my position within the organization is.” Many market research firms specialize in specific industries and nothing else. So that works if your organization is in that industry but doesn’t if you are not. Fortunately, as a smaller market research firm, we offer the best of both worlds for our clients as we have extended knowledge in the healthcare, education, and financial services industries but we also have a large base of clients in other industries as well. This extends our breadth of knowledge across many industries and chances are your new project will benefit from insights and knowledge gained through our team’s past work.
  • Research vendors jump to offering solutions, without really listening to my needs. Example Quote: “Their biggest mistake is not asking me what I’m looking for.” They start talking about what they will do and what they offer without knowing what is on my plate.” Our company motto is Ask. Listen. Solve. So it is ingrained in our team to ask and listen to your needs before offering solutions. The RMS Analytics team fully believes in customization and creating research processes that deliver results. A firm should view itself as a market research consultant and not your market research vendor. As a consultant you should listen to your client’s needs and work on a solution that benefits them.
  • Too many vendors don’t treat us as people, but potential accounts. Their focus is on sales not assistance. Example Quote: “Understand what my needs are a little better instead of one size fits all.” Our Analytics team views each new client’s project as just the first step in a long-term relationship. This is a testament to the number of repeat clients that come back to RMS after their initial project is complete. Developing a solid client relationship and understanding is the key to a successful project. Relationship building is often one of the most, if not the most important skill in consulting.

What are some other frustrations you have with market research vendors? Tell us about them in the comments section below. If you are interested in contacting RMS to be your market research consultant, send an email to our Business Development Director Sandy Baker at or call her at 1-866-567-5422.