blog celebration poster 500,000 views

Each of us at RMS had a hand in achieving the recent milestone. To celebrate, we each contributed a hand print to the poster, which now decorates our office!

Big news! We’ve received a half million views on the RMS Bunker Blog! A big THANK YOU to our current subscribers and readers. Haven’t subscribed yet? Follow the RMS Bunker Blog and stay on top of the latest industry trends! As you may expect, we love data, so we couldn’t resist the opportunity to highlight some of our blog statistics. The infographic below shows how far we’ve come, and that’s pretty exciting. Here’s to the next milestone!

In the spirit of research, we have a couple questions for our readers. We look forward to your feedback!

  1. What blog post is your favorite and why?
  2. What topic would you like to see covered more on our blog?