First of all, congratulations for your continued commitment to PCMH (Patient-Centered Medical Home) Recognition through your practice’s recent recognition. No doubt this was a journey, and your accomplishments are well-deserving of celebration (happy dance and party hats encouraged). Once the confetti has settled, it’s time for your practice to think “next steps” to keep the momentum of your PCMH Recognition going strong. Luckily, the RMS Healthcare team is here to make sure that life after your recognition will continue to move efficiently as you construct a transition plan to maintain your Annual Reporting recognition status. Our team works with you directly to address any and all questions, as well as preparing for your next submission.

At RMS Healthcare, a division of Research and Marketing Strategies, we have extensive experience in partnering with physician practices, locally and nationwide, to achieve and maintain PCMH Recognition. We have maintained active engagement with clients pursuing PCMH Recognition since prior partnerships and have swiftly and successfully transitioned our clients to fully align with and attain recognition. Additionally, our team has acted as stewards with clients to successfully prepare them for NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance) virtual calls and audits with successful outcomes.

Our mission is to align with practices to develop, implement, and adopt processes to ensure sustainable success that embodies the tenants of the PCMH model of care, while cultivating cohesive and long-term partnerships with our clients.

Our specialized team recognizes that as clients embrace their practice transformation journey, they each present unique scenarios, challenges—and ultimately—a passion to succeed. It is this passion and dedication that sets the stage for building a progressive practice and organization whose core values, mission, and vision embody the fundamental elements of achieving and sustaining PCMH recognition. As your consultant and partner in this transformation voyage, we commit to being fully engaged from the moment the journey commences through the final designation of becoming a recognized Patient-Centered Medical Home.

Our Goal
The goal of RMS healthcare’s consulting engagement will be to assist the practice with identifying, developing, and implementing sustainable goals that will focus on aspects of healthcare delivery which align with PCMH requirements. This includes team-based care and practice organization, knowing and managing your patients, patient-centered access and continuity, care management and support, care coordination and care transition, and measuring performance and quality improvement.

We have years of experience assisting practices in multiple specialties and have led Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) through the PCMH Recognition journey, recognizing the unique characteristics of their patient demographic mix, as well as barriers impacting delivery of healthcare services. We have also worked with clinics that are pursuing Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JACHO) accreditation standards. We have a broad history of working with large organizations, with multiple practice sites, to develop a unified approach to operationalize the patient-centered care model across all sites.

Your Scope
If you’re new to PCMH Recognition, your practice engagements begin with a formal “kick-off” meeting with key operational staff. The purpose of the kick-off meeting is to clarify objectives, expectations, goals, and to identify the timing and format of the assessment and project management phases, as well as our approach in assessing overall compliance with the PCMH requirements described above, pertaining to a full submission aligning with annual reporting requirements. RMS Healthcare will seek to identify the client’s key stakeholders as well as the organization’s current level of active engagement in the PCMH model of care. Findings from the kick-off call will set the stage for the transformation process. The scope of work will reflect NCQA’s core requirements for practices that are demonstrating initial alignment with concepts, competencies, and criteria.

Let’s Talk
If your practice is interested in partnering with RMS Healthcare to provide customized consulting services, including an assessment of your practice’s current operations and its alignment with enhanced processes required to achieve NCQA PCMH Recognition, with specific focus on achieving initial (full) recognition aligning with Core requirements—we’re more than happy to take this journey with you.

To learn even more about achieving and sustaining PCMH Recognition, download our informational flyer here.

For more information on how we can help your practice with transformation or care management activities, please contact Susan Maxsween, Vice President of Healthcare Operations & Consulting at or by phone at 1-866-567-5422.