The following blog post was written by Sara Cruz, Research Analyst at RMS. 

A pulse survey is a brief survey that can be utilized online or via telephone.

When administered online the survey is typically 10–12 questions and has mostly closed-ended questions. A pulse survey can be completed in 2–3 minutes online and when conducted by a trained interviewer over the phone, the interview typically lasts 3–5 minutes.

According to Qualtrics, true pulse surveys must meet the following conditions.

  1. Tracks the same item over time
  2. Is considerably shorter than an engagement survey
  3. Is easy to complete
  4. Is more frequently administered (more than once a year)
  5. Happens at a regular frequency (monthly or quarterly)

There are several benefits to conducting a pulse survey including:

  • It allows companies or organizations to create a custom survey tool to measure what they feel is most important.
  • They are short and easy for the respondent/participant to complete.
  • They allow for consistent tracking of data that is important to a business or organization.
  • They allow for flexibility and can be changed quickly and easily to accommodate new areas of desired feedback.
  • As a market research project, they have a quick turn-around time from design to completed report.
  • They are a lower cost due to the dynamics of the survey.

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