Employee surveys are critical to measuring organizational satisfaction. The process to conduct an employee survey is fairly straight-forward and simple whether you decide to manage it in-house or outsource the study. The surveys provide many benefits to top management beyond just the data returned.

Here are 8 benefits of using an employee survey:

  1. Opens up a Portal for Feedback Using a company-wide survey, done online or by paper, gives everyone a chance to voice their opinion. This avenue to voice feedback may not have existed previously, giving your employees an opportunity to share their true thoughts.
  2. Honest Opinions About Working Remote — Honestly assess employee interest in the future of remote working, the desire to get back in the office, or blending the two into a hybrid model. It shows that a company truly cares about its employees and how they work most efficiently.
  3. Identify Areas of Improvement By analyzing the data, top management can determine specific areas that need to be improved at the organization (e.g., supervisors, pay, policies, etc.)
  4. Departmental Measurements Breaking down the data by department and by supervisors will help management get a better understanding of which areas are strengths and which areas need to be tweaked.
  5. Enhanced Communications The survey in itself is a nice first step to fostering better communication. However, specific questions in the survey can address issues with communication from top management, supervisors, and/or peers.
  6. Initiatives Change Once you have the survey results, you cannot sit on them and employees know that. They expect the organization to change based on the feedback and the survey is the motivation for that.
  7. Identify Ways to Motivate Employees An unrealized benefit of employee surveys is to better understand how to motivate and entice employees, ultimately leading to a more productive and efficient team.
  8. Increased Loyalty Employing the prior benefits and conducting yearly employee surveys, where issues are addressed and new policies are implemented, will result in a more satisfied and more loyal workforce.

Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) is an employee survey vendor in Baldwinsville, NY. We assist organizations across the country with their employee survey efforts using our customized survey scripts catered to your needs. If you are interested in conducting employee surveys with RMS, contact our VP of Business Development, Sandy Baker, at SandyB@RMSresults.com or by visiting RMSresults.com/Contact.