(BALDWINSVILLE, NY) – This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Research Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) a local, full-service market research firm. Over the past twenty years, the company has delivered valuable research insights to regional and national clients, staying abreast of research innovations within the industry. With Central New York being a top test market, our local community is looked to often for market research activities.

RMS began with just two people and now employs 30 team members, including several part-time telephone survey associates. “I’m blessed to have a team of superb individuals who have been not only resourceful and adept but have also been able to change with technology and dive deeper into the universe of data and what they really indicate,” explains Mark Dengler, President of RMS.


Research is always innovating, and the last three years has required significant change. The market research that RMS has conducted over the years reaches across all industries from school districts to financial institutions to healthcare systems. The need for decision-making information has continued to grow over the years. But a lot has changed. While mail and telephone surveys are still used, online, mobile device-based surveys are much more common. RMS has an onsite call center known as QualiSIGHT that conducts telephone-based computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) surveys and research participant recruitment. In 2010 RMS launched its ViewPoint online research panel engaging many in the Central New York Community to regularly participate in surveys, questionnaires and focus groups.

Focus groups continue to be a very popular form of gathering critical feedback directly from participants. Companies appreciate the opportunity to observe actual live reaction on new products or services. With the onset of COVID, RMS adapted and began using online, virtual focus group platforms. The company is very busy with both in person and virtual qualitative research modalities.

A vision from the start

When Mark Dengler started the company, he envisioned being able to offer a wide variety of research options for clients looking to get quality data. The RMS focus group facility is just one of those ways. “There is a large participant room with a one-way mirror to a viewing room on the other side for clients to watch from,” Dengler illustrates. Streaming capabilities are also provided for those out of town. Over the years clients like Toyota, Sesame Street, Subway, Lipton Tea, and others have taken advantage of the RMS Focus group facility. “We make the perfect back-office research firm when you need one,” Dengler continues.

The demographics in Upstate NY are very similar to the total US and make it an ideal region to conduct studies. Central New York continues to be a top test market area and national organizations can come and conduct research here and feel confident with the results as a sampling of the nation as a whole. In this regard it makes sense that RMS has also been very committed to CNY as it has been part of many local market research projects including managing the CNY Best Places to Work annual employee surveys for The Central New York Business Journal for the past 10 years.

For twenty years, RMS is recognized as a national leader in patient satisfaction surveying, growing its market research business within the healthcare industry and assisting organizations and facilities in measuring their patient satisfaction and engagement. Modern Healthcare, the award-winning publication leader in healthcare research, recently released their annual report of the largest patient satisfaction measurement firms in the United States, with RMS coming in ranked at number eight.

“We see the need to help healthcare organizations better understand the needs and desires of their employees, patients, and communities.”

Mark Dengler, President of RMS.

RMS believes that the demand for research will continue to grow well into the future. “We analyze data and create detailed reports. We’re experts at turning great data into smart, useful information, and we help organizations make decisions based on the reliable interpretation of that data.” Explains Dengler.

Over the past 20 years, RMS has been managing customer and employee satisfaction surveys, needs assessments, image and perception studies, feasibility studies, competitive assessments, market profile analysis, and healthcare transformation. RMS utilizes research techniques involving a multitude of platforms from mail, phone, text, and online methods. Mystery shopping, intercepts, focus groups, in-depth interviews and recruiting all play significant roles in RMS’s approach in obtaining the right qualitative data so as to deliver the most accurate and useful information for effective decision making.

Mark Dengler considers the RMS relationships built in the industry, among their team members and throughout the community to be its greatest accomplishment. Dengler reflects from the beginning of RMS, “I always knew we’d deliver quality research work. I’m grateful to have created so many wonderful bonds and experiences as a result. We owe it all to a deliberate stride for a positive and respectful culture at RMS. I am personally touched in the way this has worked out.”

RMS’ official anniversary is May 5th. However, the anniversary celebration will take place and continue throughout the rest of the year with different events to mark the occasion.

About RMS

Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) is a full-service market research firm in Central New York. Formed in 2002, RMS helps organizations that are looking to know more about their customers and/or potential customers. They conduct surveys, focus groups, mystery shopping, studies and analysis. Each project is customized and gets personal attention by the best in the business. RMS has a reputation for getting results and offers an independent means to conduct telephone, on-line and mail surveying, In-depth interviews, intercept interviews, and participant recruitment as well as focus group hosting through QualiSight, its onsite call center and focus group facility. Taking advantage of the region’s reputation for being a great market study barometer, RMS recruits and moderates for focus groups, community forums and town meetings.

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