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  1. Time to Authorize RMS Healthcare as Your ICH CAHPS Survey Vendor-Deadline is 8/31/24!

    **Authorize RMS Healthcare as your ICH CAHPS patient survey vendor before August 31, 2024** RMS Healthcare understands patient survey fatigue, as well as the importance of giving your patients the opportunity to provide feedback on their dialysis experience. We partner with your team to implement strategies that can help increase your facilities’ response rate, as Read more

  2. ICH CAHPS Spring 2024 New Vendor Deadline

    Time to think about Spring ICH CAHPS You still have time! You have until Wednesday, February 28, 2024 to authorize your ICH CAHPS® patient survey vendor for the upcoming spring cycle. We know you need high response rates, and we know you need a team of experts that can deliver above and beyond your expectations. Read more

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