Here at Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS), something we offer to our clients is the ability to do mixed mode (MXM) market research.  For those who are unsure of what mixed mode market research entails: it incorporates more than one method of data collection into the research, combining common methods such as phone, online and traditional paper survey data collection.  There are quite a few benefits to performing mixed mode research, especially in the age of increasing demands for quicker turnarounds and lower costs.  Here are a few benefits of mixed mode research the Bunker put together, including how we utilize these benefits through our day-to-day research methods:

1) Increasing Response Rates.  Let’s face it, people want choice, they want flexibility, they want options.  This is one of the main reasons we approach our clients with the MXM.    By offering alternative venues in which participants can contribute their responses, it is more likely they will respond.  The data collection doesn’t limit itself to one avenue.

2) Gaining More Reach.  Each type of data collection mode caters to one audience more than another.  Want to do a quick pulse survey with young 20s?  Buying a general landline phone sample is a bad idea.  Want to interview senior citizens about a new independent living complex?  Online survey invites are not your best bet.  If you are conducting survey that crosses many demographics, give your audience different venues to respond.  It will ensure you don’t oversight a group.

3) Slashing the Budget.  Many of RMS’s mail surveys include a self-return mailer, in some cases on the back page of the survey so no additional envelope is needed (nifty eh?)  Also in our mail surveys, we give the respondent an option to go online and take the survey instead of returning the survey through mail.  The self return mailer is then charged back to the client.  Offering a postal free alternative is an option we give our not-for-profit clients who are concerned with limiting the cost of the market research.  We even offer it to our for-profit clients, too!  Click here to read our summary post on making the most of your market research budget.

4) Speeding up the Fieldwork.  Using MXM can be a great way to meet aggressive timelines.  Coupled with higher response rates, greater flexibility in how they respond results in quicker more responsive projects.  Sending out a mail survey?  Why not send out an e-mail invite too so if they left the survey on the kitchen table, they can just do it at work?  Still not responding?  How about follow-up reminder calls, and if they are willing, finish the survey right over the phone.

Now, obviously there are a lot of data concerns when it comes to mixed mode research on the back-end, but today’s post focuses solely on the benefits.  The data worries of mixed mode research are a Bunker post for another day.  Looking for a survey company in Syracuse, NY?  Give Sandy Baker, our Director of Business Development, a call at 315-635-9802 or email her at