Customer satisfaction research is one of the most basic forms of market research.  It’s a course of research that virtually all businesses have considered, and in a lot of cases implemented.  Customer satisfaction surveying is a linchpin in process improvement, offers a portal to customer feedback, and is used to evaluate products and services.  Yet there are many small businesses in Syracuse and across Central New York, who although have at some point considered, have never formally conducted customer satisfaction research.

Here are 4 reasons you should choose to do customer satisfaction research:

1) Quick Launch – RMS will work with your company to have you up and running in no time.  We can work with you to customize a survey instrument to best fit your needs from market research.  The RMS Analytics team will also consult with you to determine the best mode of contact for the customer satisfaction research – self-return mailer, web survey, telephone survey, or mixed-mode.  When I say quick launch, we mean it – RMS can have your survey up and running within 24 hours if it’s necessary.

2) Fast Results – Depending on the methodology you choose (above) you will begin to see results immediately after launch.  In instances where you use an online survey through e-mail invitations to your customers, you will begin to see feedback right away.  The majority of completes from an online/e-mail survey are seen in the first day of launch (oftentimes the first few hours).

3) Problem Resolution – sometimes you don’t know a problem exists until you hear it from your customers.  On top of that, if you don’t have quantifiable data, how will you know if the verbal complaints your customer service department received are unique to that one customer or if that complaint is something that 63 percent of your customers experience?  It let’s you know which are the big problems, and which ones are not as important to address.

◊ In many of our surveys, RMS uses a question at the end of the script, which asks the customer if they would like someone from the business to contact them (for any reason).  RMS provides the clients with these records in real-time (as they come in), which allows for the client to respond to the customers inquiry immediately.  Clients mention this as a major value added because they are able to respond to issues immediately before they grow.  It also confirms to their customer that they are listening.

4) Customer Relationship Building – statistics show that loyal customers drive profits for a business – click here to read an article on building customer loyalty, value and retention through market research.  Whether your customers buy your products or use your services everyday or once every five years, contacting them once again is just another way of reaching out to build a relationship with them.  The RMS team works as an extension of your business.

Want to start a customer satisfaction study with RMS?  Our Director of Business Development, Sandy Baker, can be reached at 315-635-9802 or just send her an e-mail at