Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) is a market research firm and a CMS approved HCAHPS® and HH-CAHPS® Survey vendor. As of April 30th, 2010 there were only 41 approved organizations in the country (as listed on the CMS Website of Approved HCAHPS® vendors). 

hcahps hhcahps approved survey vendor

Benefits of Using RMS Healthcare as your Vendor

Have you worked with other large national vendors and feel like your hospital is just another number?  Here are some benefits that set Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) apart from other HCAHPS® and HH-CAHPS® Survey Vendors:

  • Experience – RMS is a CMS approved HCAHPS® vendor and has been serving the healthcare industry with market and survey research since its inception in 2002.
  • Customization – As part of our effort to best cater to your needs, we offer two different payment options for surveying.  You can engage RMS to conduct pay-per-complete or pay-per-patient sampled.  Depending on desired response rates and budget, RMS can work with you to select the option most appropriate.  RMS can administer your survey through mail, over the telephone through our in-house call center, or using a mixed mode methodology.   The RMS Healthcare team works closely with your hospital to answer your questions and customize a methodology that will provide you the best return for the lowest cost.
  • Contract Flexibility – Unlike other larger vendors, we don’t require our clients to sign a multi-year contract that really hampers a hospital’s ability to adjust and make changes.  Keep in mind, depending on your contract, CMS does allow hospitals to change vendors on a quarterly basis.  The RMS team offers our clients a one-time setup charge, no annual fee, and a six-month commitment to start.  RMS Healthcare is confident in the work we do and our relationships with our hospitals are long-term as a result.
  • Flexibility from Strong Response Rates – RMS survey response rates outperform New York State competitors by 25% and outperform national competitors by 18% (based on 2008-2009 statistics).  What these higher response rates mean for our clients is greater flexibility. Our clients have the option to either survey fewer patients in order to meet the CMS target (300 a year), or obtain responses from more patients and achieve even greater statistical reliability in the results. Furthermore, for smaller hospitals that may not have enough of an eligible population to come close to returning 300 completed surveys a year, using the Telephone Only or Mixed Modes can help them to maximize their returns.

Compare RMS to the Competition

HCAHPS HHCAHPS survey vendor

  • Reporting Options – In addition to the required monthly data submissions to CMS, RMS delivers a monthly report to our clients that comes standard with the base pricing.  RMS also offers our clients the choice of a more detailed comparative analysis per quarter or annually.  These additional reports serve as benchmark summaries to compare future data.

Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) located in Syracuse, NY is a full service market research firm that works extensively in the healthcare field.  RMS also conducts general patient, ER and physician satisfaction surveys.  Check back to the RMS Bunker Blog often to read more posts about Practice Transformation and Healthcare.

Interested in learning more about RMS and our services?  Contact Sandy Baker at or by calling 315-635-9802.