Since 2002, Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) has maintained our onsite, state-of-the-art call center in Syracuse, NY that continues to grow.  In March of 2011, the QualiSight call center is expanding yet again into a larger space located in the Village Commons in Baldwinsville, adjacent to the RMS offices.  This new space will allow for more CATI stations to capitalize on the additional need for call center work from our clients.  With the success of the QualiSight focus group facility in Syracuse, it will also allow for more capacity for recruitment projects.

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The RMS team of call center professionals offers years of experience providing quality services to various clients from all types of industry segments.  Our employees undergo a comprehensive training and certification program designed with the varying needs of our clients in mind.  Below is an overview of the types of services you can engage RMS for with short descriptions of each.

If you are interested in using the RMS call center, contact our QualiSight Manager Lauren Krell at 315-635-9802 or through e-mail at

Market Research Services

RMS is a full-service marketing and market research firm providing a wide range of custom-tailored services.  With our call center in Syracuse, NY being on-site and in the same building, it ensures the highest professional and quality service.  Market research is what we do, so whether you engage RMS to manage the entire project or simply engage our call center for a portion of it, we will deliver.

  • Telephone Surveys. Whether it’s 50 completes or 1,000, our call center has experience in surveying B2C and B2B projects across all industries including healthcare, education, and financial services to name a few.  Our experienced telesurveyors have administered CATI surveys to all types of respondents from college students to top level business executives.
  • Executive Interviewing (In-Depth Interviews – IDIs). Both our senior telesurveyors and research professional staff utilize the CATI stations for our executive interviewing.  This allows easy access to digital recordings and the opportunity for our interviewers to really dive deep into the script and achieve in-depth conversational findings.
  • Focus Group Recruitment. Not only can you use our call center for local recruitment here in Syracuse, but you can utilize the call center to recruit outside of the area, too.  Whether you want to recruit participants for the QualiSight focus group facility or not, RMS will handle the recruit so you can manage the other aspects of the focus group project.
  • Mystery Shopping. This type of market research (also known as secret shopping) is an important part of understanding the customer experience.  The RMS team can work with you to design fresh script/scenarios or you can have the call center work off of pre-created versions.  Our call center staff conducts mystery shopping over the telephone as well as in-person in the field.
  • Other Services such as Customer Loyalty & Help Desk Monitoring

Other Call Center Services

  • B2B Lead Qualification. This service qualifies your sales leads in your database.  Through surveying, the RMS telesurveyor team can qualify sales leads, follow-up on your direct mail campaigns, update prospect database information, conduct client retention and appreciation calls, or even make event reminder calls.
  • List Verification. Is your customer database not up to date?  You’re not alone.  For this service, RMS will take your database or lists and dial each record to confirm or correct pertinent customer information.  Doing this work upfront will save you money on bad records when you prospect to these customers yourself.
  • Answering Services.  Let us be your virtual office! Our call center is perfect for the small business that needs a full-time receptionist, but not the expense of hiring and managing additional staff! Your main business line can be answered right here in our call center with YOUR company name giving your potential customers the personal service of a live person to assist them as opposed to reaching a general voicemail box. Messages can either be delivered to your e-mail or fax machine with the option of contacting designated on call personnel with urgent matters at your discretion.
  • Other Inbound Services. Your company can utilize our call center for a variety of inbound services designed to minimize facilities, HR, and technology costs thereby lowering your overall operating expenses. Additional inbound services include switchboard services, registration services, appointment scheduling, application processing, and enrollment services just to name a few!