With every passing day in the healthcare industry, patient satisfaction surveying is proving to be more and more commonplace.  With the increased importance of quality initiatives and reimbursement in the marketplace, both physician practices and hospitals are able to attain a positive return on investment (ROI) with this market research.  Improving the quality of care is more vital than ever before.  So when it comes to quality of care, you should first look to your patients for opportunities for improvement.

Patient Satisfaction surveys

Here are a few reasons why it is of upmost importance to use patient satisfaction surveys:

  1. Open a dialogue with the patients – let them know you are listening.
  2. Identify and quickly correct issues with the patient process.
  3. Recognize new opportunities to be more effective and efficient.
  4. Promote informed decision-making by gaining statistically reliable data.
  5. Patient relationship building earns word of mouth referrals.
  6. Higher reimbursement from payers – see a positive ROI.

Patient satisfaction surveying and all of its benefits will help lead to better performance of a practice with increased quality of care delivered, increased patient fulfillment, and ultimately – more patient referrals.  Ensuring that your patients are satisfied is the keystone to successfully operating and growing your practice.

Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) located in Upstate NY is a full service market research firm that works extensively in the healthcare field with clients all over the country.  RMS also conducts general patient, ER, employee and physician satisfaction surveys in addition to being a CMS-approved CAHPS® patient satisfaction survey vendor.  Check back to the RMS Bunker Blog often to read more posts about Practice Transformation and other Healthcare topics.

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