This blog post was written by our guest blogger, Susan Maxsween, Healthcare Transformation Manager, here at Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS).

The movement of healthcare practices to get PPC®-PCMH recognized is a nationwide happening. According to the recently published NCQA Monthly E-Newsletter, they reported that Vermont is building a delivery system, which is built on a foundation and around NCQA’s Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition program.  In the article, President of NCQA, Margaret E. O’Kane, reported that about a quarter of the state’s primary care practices have pursued and achieved recognition.  In fact, Vermont has built its delivery system and payment reforms around NCQA’s PCMH.  The state is taking an active role in assisting primary care practices to achieve NCQA’s PPC®-PCMHRecognition.  Through the state’s Advanced Primary Care Demonstration program, practices are receiving increased reimbursement for becoming recognized. 

Vermont’s commitment to the PCMH Recognition is extremely exciting and further demonstrates how the multifaceted approach has been adopted and truly embraced to achieve integrated, quality healthcare delivery.  Congratulations to Vermont for their success and continued pursuit in achieving excellence in health care. 

The July 2011 edition of NCQA’s Quality Matters Newsletter speaks in more detail regarding the breadth and scope of this program in addition to other exciting programs and activities currently underway, which align with PPC®-PCMHRecognition.  If you are interested in learning more about what Vermont is doing or other exciting initiatives underway with NCQA, sign up to receive this newsletter.  Simply provide your email address and you can begin receiving the Quality Matters Newsletter.

If you are you interested learning more about the PPC®-PCMHRecognition process or in achieving PPC®-PCMHRecognition for your primary care practice, contact RMS Healthcare.  RMS Healthcare, a division of Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc., is focused on assisting healthcare clients with optimizing their operations. The firm has a dedicated, trained staff with direct healthcare operations experience. Staff backgrounds include managed care, practice management and clinical activities.  RMS Healthcare understands that healthcare providers must be able to produce superior clinical results while managing patient care in an effective and efficient manner. Our organization is a leader in providing hands-on consultative and operational support for transforming healthcare organizations in providing patient centered, high quality care and has assisted primary care practices nationwide in successfully achieving PPC®-PCMHRecognition.

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