Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) is a market research vendor in Upstate NY with an available focus group facility in the Buffalo, NY area.  QualiSight is located in Syracuse, on the fringe of Western NY.  The Syracuse market is very similar to the Buffalo market on a number of key demographics and market characteristics.  So, if you are a client looking for a focus group facility in Buffalo, NY – consider QualiSight in Syracuse, NY.

QualiSight is heading towards the end of a busy year of focus group research with clients coming in from all over New York state and the country.  We’ve recently expanded our call center to better meet the needs of our market research clientele.  The expanded call center offers quicker recruitment turnaround and the capacity to handle larger projects.  If you live or work in the area, drop in for our Open House on Thursday September 15th, 2011 beginning at 5:30 PM EST (click here for more information).

Focus Group Facility Buffalo NY

QualiSight Focus Group Facility

In addition to focus group facility rentals in Buffalo, NY – RMS Analytics can also work with you to create a customized research project to answer your questions and meet your objectives.  Whether it’s testing a new product concept in a focus group setting, talking to non-customers to determine key drivers for purchasing, or better understanding what impacts satisfaction – the RMS Analytics team can be your consultant.
In addition to focus group facility rental, QualiSight also offers a variety of other market research and call center services including:
  • Focus Group Moderation
  • Telephone Surveying
  • Focus Group Recruiting
  • Mystery Shopping (Phone or In-person)
  • Lead Qualification
  • List Verification
  • Executive Interviews
  • Answering Services (Inbound)
  • Appointment Setting (Inbound)
  • Event Registration (Inbound)
Interested in booking our focus group facility in Buffalo, NY?  Our QualiSight Supervisor Lauren Krell can be reached through email – or by calling 315-635-9802.