Here in the Bunker, the RMS Analytics team has worked on a number of different market research projects for our higher education clients.  The types of market research for our higher education clients spans  both qualitative and quantitative – from focus groups to demand modeling.  This is a marketing piece that RMS put together related to the types of questions clients ask that can be answered by market research.  After all, it’s the slogan of the RMS Analytics division – Ask. Listen. Solve.


Do you work for a college or university and encounter some of these questions on a daily basis that you need answers for? 

  • How can we make our enrollment process easier?
  • Are we competitive with our current program offerings?
  • Why are students choosing to enroll with us?
  • Do we need more student housing?
  • What other classes should we be offering?
  • Is our website easy to use?
  • What are our graduates doing now?
  • Would our students prefer more online classes or evening classes?
  • If we build it, will they come?

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