On Tuesday, November 1st, the RMS Analytics team will be presenting at the second annual BizBuzz Social Media Conference at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool.  Our breakout session IV begins at 2:40 PM in Convention Center A.

BizBuzz Social Media Conference Syracuse

From the BizBuzz website: 

“George will discuss his basic B2B strategies that drive market research business to his firm, and how it is easier than you might think. A relative newbie to the social media realm, RMS has produced consistent and tangible ROI from their social media efforts in less than two years. The team utilizes three simple strategies when blogging to drive credible leads to their blog and website. LinkedIn and Twitter are other avenues to push traffic.

During our breakout session, we will be discussing the basics of blogging and our success stories using the WordPress application, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  These eight simple blogging tips can be applied to all platforms and help your company produce ROI through social media.

I personally attended the BizBuzz conference in 2010 at the OnCenter in downtown Syracuse.  It’s nice to see how far our social media efforts have come since May of 2010, particularly our blog.  The RMS Analytics team has a lot of fun with our blog and enjoys both the tangible benefits of ROI as well as the intangible benefits such as training on new market research topics.  Research & Marketing Strategies looks forward to meeting you at the BizBuzz Social Media Conference in Syracuse on Tuesday!

RMS is market research firm located in Baldwinsville, NY.  We partner with our clients to create custom-tailored market research services to answer critical questions that cannot be answered in-house.  RMS works with clients to conduct surveys, focus groups, and other methods of market research.  The RMS Analytics mantra is Ask. Listen. Solve.