This blog post was written by our Communications Coordinator, Erin Wisneski, and was published in Our Town, a publication of Eagle Newspapers, in November.

Baldwinsville’s Research & Marketing Strategies, a market research firm in Upstate NY, offers consumers an opportunity to make some quick cash while sharing their thoughts and opinions on products and services offered in today’s market place. Due to Central New York’s unique demographic composition, which provides an excellent array of diversity for product and concept testing, RMS can offer clients a window into the American consumer’s thought process when it comes to a variety of products and services.

“Focus groups, mystery shopping and surveys are seen as an important tool for acquiring feedback, particularly for companies researching new products or services before they are made available to the public,” said QualiSight Manager Lauren Krell. “In today’s economy, it is especially important for companies to be sure they are investing in the proper endeavor.” Launched in 2009, QualiSight has conducted numerous focus groups and surveys for clients ranging from healthcare to banking decisions to beer tastings. “Recruiting for focus groups and surveys is done in-house by our experienced team of callers,” Krell said, adding that RMS invites individuals to log onto its website, (click on “Join Our Panel”), to register for the company’s research panel pool. “Every project requires unique and specific criteria. Having a large pool of people who have already expressed interest in participating in a focus group or survey provides the potential feedback our clients are seeking.”

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Panels make it easy to target market segments.

RMS recently expanded QualiSight , which also offers inbound and outbound communication services to companies seeking to outsource various department functions, especially those which traditionally require extensive staffing and intensive management. “We offer multiple businesses inbound calling services, reducing the amount of downtime and productivity loss an individual business would typically see when utilizing their own internal resources,” Krell said. In addition to offering expanded calling services, RMS has also expanded in size, increasing square footage from 2,000 square feet to 3,100 square feet and making extensive improvements to the RMS office setting.

Inbound calling represents a unique opportunity for the call center in Syracuse, NY. Under this arrangement, individuals call a published phone number that rings into the RMS QualiSight facility, yet to the caller, the operator introduces himself/herself as a representative from the client company. The reception function is seamlessly transferred to RMS QualiSight – feeling “completely transparent” to the caller. This allows the client company to reduce its costs and provide “live person” customer service to its customers and prospects.

RMS understands that each business has unique wants and needs in terms of call center services and works hard to make sure both inbound and outbound calling solutions have unparalleled flexibility. “We have a dedicated staff and advanced technology on hand to custom-tailor services to each client’s needs,” Krell said.

For more information about existing and expanded services at RMS QualiSight – a focus group facility and call center in Upstate, NY, contact Lauren Krell at 315-635-9802 or at

RMS has been a member of the greater Baldwinsville community since its founding and several RMS staff members are long time Baldwinsville residents. Located in the village, the firm is proud to be active in the Baldwinsville Chamber of Commerce, the Baldwinsville Volunteer Center’s Taste of Baldwinsville, the Baldwinsville Center for the Arts, and the Northwest YMCA initiatives.

“We’re particularly proud of our accomplishments in helping local companies with their marketing and research needs. Typically, our initial engagement leads to an ongoing, long-term relationship,” said Mark Dengler, the firm’s president. RMS works with all types of industries and has extensive experience in the healthcare, education, banking and manufacturing sectors.

RMS is located at 15 East Genesee St., Suite 210 in Village Commons, Baldwinsville. If you would like a tour of our expanded facility, contact our Director of Business Development Sandy Baker at 315-635-9802 or email