Are you looking for a focus group facility in Syracuse NY?  QualiSight is located just outside the heart of Syracuse, NY and is conveniently located in the town of Baldwinsville, NY – home of Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS). QualiSight offers our focus group clients a number of amenities including a private kitchen/conference room, a focus group viewer room equipped with a one-way mirror, free wireless access, in-room TV access to view materials, and beverages and snacks – to make your  viewing experience as comfortable as possible.

If you are interested in engaging RMS beyond just a rental of the focus group facility in Syracuse NY, we can also assist with recruitment of participants, design of moderator’s guides and participation packets, moderator services, and reporting so your business can choose which pieces of the market research you’d like to run internally and which pieces would make more sense to use a third-party.

Recently, RMS added FocusVision to our breadth of services.  We’ve heard from many clients that they would have loved to have more staff come to the focus groups to view them live in-person, however their project budget did not allow for it.  If you are travelling long-distance to our focus group facility in Syracuse, NY you may have to budget for things like plane tickets, rental cars, taxi fees, hotel accommodations, and other travel expenses.  All of these expenses can add up quickly.

FocusVision eliminates those expenses for your business.  It allows your focus groups or interviews to be streamed to a website where anyone with an Internet connection can view the groups.  The web streaming also provides your business with a live chat function to discuss the groups privately on that secured website. Even if your business could only afford to send limited staff to view the groups live in-person, QualiSight‘s addition of FocusVision gives everyone the opportunity to partake in the market research, no matter where they are in the world.

Below is a screen cap of the recent addition of RMS to the FocusVision’s website:

Focus Group Facility Syracuse NY

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To take a quick guided tour of the RMS focus group facility: Click Here

Are you interested in using QualiSight, our focus group facility in Syracuse NY?  Contact Lauren Krell, our focus group facility supervisor at 315-635-9802 or by emailing her at