Research & Marketing Strategies’ dedicated healthcare division (RMS Healthcare) is listed in the Top 21 of the Modern Healthcare’s Patient Satisfaction Measurement Firms Survey.

“RMS Healthcare has been conducting patient satisfaction surveys since 2007. The Modern Healthcare designation gives us national recognition for the work we do,” said Mark Dengler, President of Research & Marketing Strategies. “We have a proven reputation for exceeding client expectations with providing thorough, actionable survey results at a reasonable cost.”

Celebrating 10 years of operations, RMS Healthcare continues to grow its consulting and survey business within the healthcare industry and assists numerous providers in measuring patient satisfaction surveys.

patient satisfaction surveying firm

In pursuit of quality health care delivery, patient satisfaction measurement is emerging as a core requirement. It is a means of engaging patients regarding their care while allowing providers to make changes and see how those changes affect patients’ perceptions of care. Patient satisfaction surveying also makes good business sense as providers are recognizing that they can and should effectively manage the provider/patient relationship as part of their overall business activities. Insurance and government payors are looking for providers that regularly measure satisfaction. Reimbursement is being tied to satisfaction levels.

Ranked No. 1 in readership among healthcare executives, Modern Healthcare is a weekly news-driven publication reporting on important healthcare events and trends as they happen and is deemed a “must-read publication” by the who’s who in healthcare.

If you are a healthcare provider seeking assistance with patient satisfaction surveying, contact Sandy Baker, Director of Business Development for RMS Healthcare, at (315) 635-9802 or