If you came across this blog post, perhaps you are wondering: What is the in-center hemodialysis ICH CAHPS® survey? When does the ICH CAHPS® survey start? How do I get started with a vendor for the ICH CAHPS® survey? If you are looking for answers to any of these questions or other questions about this new initiative, you are in the right place here on the Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) blog. This post will answer all of these questions for you.

what is the ich cahps survey

What is the ICH CAHPS® survey and what is it done for? This surveying process was generated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which is the same government healthcare agency that heads other similar CAHPS® surveys (HCAHPS®, HH-CAHPS®, etc.). The goal of the patient experience surveys are to provide all patients with the highest level of care possible. In order to measure this, this initiative requires healthcare entities to monitor patient experiences through surveys such as the ICH CAHPS® studies. By collecting data on each individual facility, it allows all entities to have comparable data on the facility, regional, state, and national level. The comparison of scores for both CMS and specific facilities push continuous quality improvement processes (QIPs).

The ICH CAHPS® survey measures the following six criteria in an in-center hemodialysis facility:

  • Nephrologists’ communication and caring
  • Quality of dialysis center care and operations
  • Providing information to patients
  • Rating of kidney doctors
  • Rating of dialysis center staff
  • Rating of dialysis center

To review the full ICH CAHPS® survey and its instructions click here.

When does the ICH CAHPS® survey start and what are the deadlines? Fieldwork for the ICH CAHPS® can begin right away. Data collection for this is about a three-month process (two rounds of mailings followed by several potential telephone attempts to boost response rates.) CMS is requiring completion of the ICH CAHPS® survey by the end of 2012 for its reimbursement payments in 2014. Therefore, the absolute latest that you can begin the ICH CAHPS® survey fieldwork is October 1st of 2012 in order to allow enough time for completion within the three-month timeframe. However, you’ll want to choose your ICH CAHPS® survey vendor before then because both parties will need some lead time to set up the survey, obtain patient sample, etc.

How do I get started working with a vendor for the ICH CAHPS® survey? At this point there are only a few vendors who can manage the ICH CAHPS® process for facilities. Our ICH CAHPS® survey vendor team here at RMS Healthcare is always willing to talk to your facility about what options you have. RMS can consult with you to set up a start date, manage the exchange of patient information, and get things started.

If you are looking for an ICH CAHPS® survey vendor and would like more information, please contact our ICH CAHPS® Business Development Director, Sandy Baker at 315-635-9802 or email her at SandyB@RMSresults.com.