If you came across this blog post and you are thinking about a career in market research, the Bunker thinks you are making a wise choice. A career in market research offers you a good blend of marketing, statistics and consulting. If you work on the supplier side, chances are you’ll be able to dip your toe into a variety of different projects. I posed the question today to the Bunker: “what is the most enjoyable part about working in market research?”

Here is our take:

  • Vance Marriner, Senior Research Analyst at RMS, 14 years in market research

I’ve always been the kind of person who tends to analyze everything,  who always wants to consider an issue from a lot of different angles, and who is always asking, “Why?” In some areas of life, those traits can drive the people around me crazy, but they are essential to working in market research. So, for me the most enjoyable part of the job is the opportunity to indulge my natural curiosity on a daily basis. It’s great to really explore marketing questions and learn new things in the process. I can honestly say that I learn something new  and worth knowing with every project I work on.  Passing that  knowledge on to a client and helping them to understand their business in a new way is incredibly rewarding.

  • Chris Coville, Senior Research Associate at RMS, two years in market research

The most enjoyable part of working in market research is learning something new every day and being able to deliver the meaningful information that we find (along with corresponding recommendations) to our clients.  We start most quantitative reports by running the basic charts to see what respondents are saying.  But after that is when it really starts to get interesting – we’ll start digging deep into the data to find out who is answering in particular way and whyAll of the reports that we produce are customized to our particular client’s research objectives.  This allows us, as market researchers, to be flexible and get creative with our reporting. We’ll spend the extra time to find valuable information in the data and also spend extra time figuring out the best way to present this information to our client.  From a personal standpoint, our research and reporting process keeps us on top of our client’s industry trends. I always learn something new with every project we complete.  As a person who always enjoys learning stats about everything, market research can be very enjoyable.

  • George Kuhn, Director of Research Services at RMS, seven years in market research

I would have to say helping our clients. Nothing is more satisfying than putting in a lot of hard work into a project from start to finish and then have the client mention to us down the road how they used our results and recommendations to make improvements. That is why we have so many repeat and retainer clients here because the more market research you do, the more valuable it becomes. It’s nice to have long-standing relationships with clients and be able to reference and integrate statistics from past studies into new studies. It’s enjoyable to provide our clients with the data and the consulting to answer their questions.

career in market research

Career in market research? You have chosen…wisely.

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