This marketing piece was developed by Paul Dybas, former Business Development Associate at RMS.

A recent study conducted by U.S. News and World Report concluded that about 25% of freshman students will not return to the same institution for their sophomore year. Reasons for such high attrition rates across the U.S. vary between institutions, but most often, are the result of students’ initial overall satisfaction with the institution and acclimation with its facilities and programs. The first and most critical step in improving attrition rates is to listen to feedback from the students and gain insight into overall satisfaction with their experiences before it’s too late. As the first semester is well underway, now is the time to get some of this valuable feedback from students.

What is a quick pulse survey? Click here to find out more.

RMS can help with a Quick Pulse Student Satisfaction Survey. Once the survey is completed, we will provide your institution with a detailed report including:

  • Accurate results that are representative of the entire student population
  • Overall student satisfaction with your institution to create a benchmark
  • Opportunities for your institution to effectively meet the needs of students
  • An estimated return rate of students (overall, and by class)
  • An assessment of the effectiveness of seminar and acclimation programs
  • Additional information specific to your institution regarding student satisfaction

Are your students happy? RMS has all the tools and resources to conduct your Student Satisfaction Survey. Studies conducted by a third-party yield more honest and accurate responses from students when compared with those administered by the institution. Our experienced analytics team will create a professional, in-depth report highlighting strengths and opportunities for your institution.

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Are you interested in learning more about student satisfaction and how the quick pulse student satisfaction survey can provide your college or university some answers? RMS is a student satisfaction survey vendor located in Syracuse, NY. Contact our Business Development Director, Sandy Baker at or by calling 315-635-9802.