Things continue to remain busy at our in-house focus group facility in Syracuse, NY. In the calendar year of 2012, QualiSight  hosted a number of focus group, in-depth interview (IDI) and call center projects. Projects covered a number of different industries including retail, higher education, healthcare and financial services to name a few.

What is an in-depth interview (IDI)?

In addition to our client’s renting the QualiSight focus group facility for their sessions (which can be reserved through our QualiSight  Facility Manager Lauren Krell by contacting her at or 315-635-9802), our clients also utilize our call center on regular basis to commission their telephone market research projects. Many of the market research projects we manage with our clients involve some type of call center component – whether it is conducting a full survey, recruiting for a focus group or recruiting for IDIs.

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Here are few types of telephone survey projects that can be commissioned through RMS QualiSight:

  • Image & Awareness Study – this telephone survey calls a random and representative sample of residents within a given area (most likely the client’s primary market area – PMA). In this type of study the researcher inquires about awareness of organizations – both aided and unaided, awareness of advertising, sources of awareness of advertising, word associations with each organization, impressions of each organization and perhaps some usage and satisfaction questions towards the end of the script if time allows.
  • Customer Satisfaction Study – this study involves telephone calls placed directly to customers of an organization in which the sample is provided by the sponsoring client. In the introduction, the telesurveyor states they are calling on behalf of our client to eliminate skepticism and improve engagement. This type of study usually inquires about a number of specific satisfaction categories for an organization (e.g., wait time, friendliness of reps, amount of communication, etc. with regard to a bank or credit union) followed by overall satisfaction scores and likelihood to recommend. RMS can then use regression analysis on the back-end to determine which factors most impact overall satisfaction with an organization.
  • Lead Qualification Survey – this type of study helps our clients qualify leads for sales. Many of our clients have large databases of prospects but do not have the manpower to go through calling each record-by-record. If only one of every 40 records turns out to be a qualified lead, that could result in hours upon hours of unproductive time for your sales team. RMS works with our clients to develop a script to qualify leads using such items as likelihood to buy a service or product in the next few months, price range(s) they are willing to pay, service features that are most important to them and level of decision-making authority. In addition to all of this valuable data, RMS ends the survey by asking the respondent if they would like a follow-up call from our client. If yes, we pass that record and its corresponding data to a designated sales person to close.

These are only a few of the types of studies that RMS conducts at its call center on a daily basis. Are you interested in learning more about focus groups or the QualiSight  call center in Syracuse, NY? Contact our Facility Manager Lauren Krell whose contact information is listed near the top of this blog post and in the right column toolbar of this blog.