In many cases you probably came across this blog post through a search engine term like focus group facility in NYC or focus groups in NY. Before you go ahead and book a focus group room in New York City for your market research, you may want to consider some other options. Here at Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) in Upstate NY, we have an on-site focus group and interviewing facility available for your business needs named QualiSight.

focus group facility nyc

The annual “Choose Syracuse Over NYC for your Focus Groups Run”. Runners seen here exiting New York City.

If you are willing to book your focus group outside of New York City, here are some benefits of going Upstate that should be considered:

  • Significant cost savings. This is the most obvious and attractive benefit for you if you are deciding between a NYC focus group versus something Upstate. These cost savings are not only realized in facility rental (a difference of $1,000 or more) but also in travel costs (flights to Syracuse, car rental fees and taxi/limo fees). At the end of the day, you would be saving your business and your clients thousands of dollars by choosing QualiSight over a focus group facility in NYC.
  • Qualitative research is just that…Qualitative. This means that although you want to recruit the appropriate mix of participants for each of your focus groups, the research does not need to be representative on a mass scale. Therefore the make-up of four to 12 participants for each focus group in Syracuse can exactly mimic the make-up of four to 12 participants you would have recruited in NYC. Although the markets are different, RMS will work with you to recruit the exact same characteristics of participants – household income, specific behavioral impacts, lifestyles, business profiles, etc. A recruit completed with Syracuse-area participants can easily match what you would need to recruit in New York City when you are dealing with smaller pools, such as those in qualitative research.
  • Spend less time getting around and more time on the research. QualiSight is only 20 minutes from Hancock International Airport and there are plenty of hotels available near the airport and here in Baldwinsville. You’ll spend less time stressing and worrying about getting to the facility on-time with traffic and more time focusing on the content of the focus groups and clients attending the sessions. You can’t put a dollar value on this benefit, but as a fellow travelling moderator here at RMS, ease of getting around is invaluable.

Want to take a virtual tour of QualiSight? Click Here.

If you are looking for a focus group facility in NYC and would consider other options outside of the city, visit the QualiSight webpage to learn more: click here. If you are interested in booking our focus group facility for focus groups or interviews, contact our Facility Supervisor Lauren Krell at or call her at (315) 635-9802.