This blog post was written by our guest blogger our Market Research Intern, Alyssa Dalrymple.

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I am happy to report that my most recent time here has been just as busy and exciting as my first few days. I love that I have the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks during any given day. What’s more, I can actually see how what I do is directly used by the company. I’ve contributed to a blog entry about the role of social media in Healthcare Practice Transformation, worked with statistical software and the results from a survey and focus groups that will be developed into client reports, and even got to ring the bell to signal a new contract with a soon-to-be satisfied client. It’s exciting to see every aspect of a project come together to form meaningful information.

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Something that I’ve been particularly interested in has been an “e-mail blast” to colleges about their enrollment processes and the services we provide here to evaluate them. As a college student, I’m passionate about the idea of schools getting the information they need to help students and make them happier. I think it’s truly a win-win situation. Satisfied students are both more likely to remain enrolled and help build a positive, enduring reputation for the academic institution.

This internship continues to meet as well as exceed my expectations. I am always excited to be here and have learned something new every day. I feel as though I am a valued member of this team and can’t wait to keep playing a role in delivering what clients need to benefit the consumers they serve.