Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) and our QualiSight focus group facility in Syracuse, NY recently completed a video for our website. The focus group video details all aspects of the focus group process at our facility for potential participants from the recruitment call straight through to participation. Click on the YouTube video link below to watch our four-minute video and familiarize yourself with the process. The video is narrated by Sandy Baker, Director of Business Development and was produced by Chris Coville, Senior Research Associate at RMS.


Topics in the QualiSight focus group participant video include:

  • Recruitment through our in-house call center
  • Directions to the focus group facility in Syracuse NY
  • Arrival
  • Sneak peek into the focus group room
  • Sneak peek at the client viewing room
  • Exit

If you are looking for focus group facilities in Syracuse, NY contact our Business Development Director, Sandy Baker at or by calling 1-866-567-5422. She can discuss your recruiting, moderating, or facility rental needs and pass you a price scope with proposal.