Each year Greenbook releases its GRIT Report which highlights key industry trends. It also provides relevant insight into the decision-making process when choosing a market research firm. Expectations can differ for a market research firm depending on whether you are working with a vendor on your first project or your 50th. However, some common expectation themes can be developed that span across all processes and tenures.

It is always important to lay out project expectations during the market research kickoff meeting. Although listening is critical during the scoping and project design phase when writing a market research proposal, it is also critical during the kickoff. Companies are not looking for a market research vendor simply to execute a process, they are buying a market research consultant to teach and guide them to insights.

Expectations from a market research firm

Today’s blog post lists 8 client expectations from a market research firm from the Winter 2014 GRIT Report from @Greenbook:

  • Listens well and demonstrates understanding of the client needs.
  • Demonstrates high quality analysis.
  • Offers consultation on best practices and methodologies.
  • Has knowledgeable staff who demonstrate industry knowledge.
  • Offers unique methodology or approach to address client needs.
  • Provides highest data quality within given methodologies.
  • Content marketing pieces have value.
  • Personal touch is critical, companies want to work with people.

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