Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) is an ICH-CAHPS® vendor that manages the survey process for a large number of dialysis centers across the country. Each year, the RMS Healthcare Team prepares an ICH-CAHPS® industry benchmark report so facilities can compare individual facility scores with aggregate RMS industry-wide results. This report is a value-added supplement provided to RMS ICH-CAHPS® clients at no additional charge. Our clients report this industry benchmarking report as valuable in assisting them monitor their quality and patient satisfaction metrics.

To view the full ICH-CAHPS industry report prepared by RMS, click on the image below:

ICH-CAHPS® Survey Infographic

ICH-CAHPS® Survey Infographic – Click Here to View the Full Report

RMS utilized one of two methodologies to conduct the survey: (1) mixed mode or (2) phone only mode. The mixed mode of survey administration includes an introductory letter, two mailings of the survey, a postcard reminder and telephone follow-up. The phone only mode includes an introductory letter and up to 10 attempts to contact each patient by telephone. Surveys were offered and conducted in both English and Spanish languages.

This report represents the aggregate results of the survey conducted on behalf of all the dialysis centers that contracted with RMS. The survey fieldwork represented in this report was conducted from May 2013 thru December 2013. The aggregate results can be used by dialysis centers to benchmark survey results for quality improvement purposes during the upcoming year. Comparisons to the aggregate survey results from 2012 are provided to show trends in the responses from the past year.

Michele Treinin, Healthcare Analyst for RMS had the following to say about RMS Healthcare and her work on the ICH-CAHPS®:

“If you’re looking for high response rates, extensive in-depth reporting, and a team that is both experienced and accessible, look no further than RMS. We feature an on-site call center that can handle large patient volumes and our call center team offers both English and Spanish languages. In 2014, RMS will offer its clients an ICH-CAHPS® Portal that will allow administrators to see real-time data throughout the survey process. When data collection is complete, each client will receive a personalized, in-depth report for each facility. This report will provide results and include comments received from patients. The report will also include an overall aggregate report which can be used to compare your facility to all facilities that RMS contracts with. RMS is both a CMS and NRAA approved vendor.” 

If you are interested in hiring Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) to be your ICH-CAHPS® vendor contact our Business Development Director Sandy Baker at or by calling 1-866-567-5422.