This blog post was taken from the latest Quality Care Courier produced by RMS Healthcare.

As the Director of Healthcare for RMS, I regularly meet with practices that are eager to take the journey to become PCMH recognized and to truly embody the principles in providing quality driven patient care. Very often when I introduce PCMH concepts and standards, practice staff find themselves excited but somewhat apprehensive about the journey ahead.

What is PCMH?

Over the past three months RMS has had the wonderful experience of assisting six practices in achieving recognition. At the time of submission, I found that all of the practices shared a huge sense of accomplishment and pride in the work they had completed to demonstrate compliance with the PCMH standards. The overall accomplishments of a practice are truly driven by the collective team which has been intimately involved in understanding the standards and coaching peers and colleagues about how important the work is that they are doing. Ultimately it was wonderful to hear the staff tell the story about how they successfully completed the PCMH journey.

As I like to share with our clients, this work is not just a process of clicking buttons and making copies of chart notes, but truly embracing a change in the way patient care is delivered. In essence, we like to present the PCMH journey as the story of how a practice provides quality patient care; how they personalize their approach and engage staff, providers and patients in processes. Storytelling enables the practice to truly embrace the work that it is doing and allows the work and processes to be well-integrated within the practice long-term. Ultimately, the PCMH journey is just that, a journey that never ends but faces new horizons in enhancing the delivery of patient centered care.

If you would like more information about Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) or the PCMH journey with RMS Healthcare, please contact our Director of Healthcare Transformation, Susan Maxsween at or by dialing 1-866-567-5422.