The RMS Analytics Division works with two very different audiences and it is imperative that it tailors each message accordingly. One audience is businesses, which need clear-cut professional messages. Our Analytics Division provides tailored market research and consulting in various industries such as healthcare, education, financial services, manufacturing, and others. Another audience is ViewPoint members, which need creative and intriguing messages. Our ViewPoint research panel is made up of consumers who get paid for participating in focus groups, surveys, mystery shopping, and interviews. The goal of our ViewPoint panel messages for consumers are to get people to sign-up for the panel, whereas our message for businesses is to attempt to generate interest in using ViewPoint for their market research needs.

What are the benefits of using a market research panel for businesses? Click here.

Tips for Marketing to Businesses (B2B)

  • Professional – B2B messages differ from B2C. In many cases you are marketing to corporate decision-makers so your language needs to be tailored appropriately. It isn’t a stand-up comedy show. Although it’s your goal to be noticed, you don’t want to be noticed for the wrong reason or tarnish your brand.
  • Length may vary – Create messages without readers being underwhelmed or overloaded. To do this effectively, plan messages to give business prospects the appropriate amount of information. For instance, healthcare readers are used to more information and more detail so it’s okay to elaborate. But if you are marketing to advertising firms you need to make your message short, appealing, and graphical. Each audience has different tastes.
  • Modify language depending on industry – Do your research on the client and their industry to learn where they go for information (maybe even use a market research vendor like RMS). Also, be well versed on frequent communication strategies for that industry. Use language that is used by others.
  • Be specific – Use or create relevant examples from your portfolio to show potential clients what you could do for them, and how it would be useful. This can be done through client testimonial campaigns or even case study blog posts. We know a little bit about those.
  • Sell – Ultimately, your B2B message first needs to catch readers’ attention and stand out. But then, your message needs to end with a call-to-action. Click here to send an inquiry, click here to read more, call this number, or send us an email, etc. See this example from RMS’s LinkedIn page:

B2B Marketing

Tips for Marketing to Consumers (B2C)

  • Creativity When it comes to consumers, you are allowed to be a little more creative and flexible. Create messages that will grab their attention and keep it by engaging them.
  • Include photos – Photos increase the readership and engagement in messages. Using infographics, photos, or other visuals is a simple trick that will get you more clicks from consumers. No one wants to read boring paragraphs.
  • Short – Get to the point. End.
  • Create enthusiasm – Make consumers excited and motivated by your communication. Give them an option to take a next step, participate further, and even share with friends after they’ve had an experience.
  • Appeal to the masses – With any messages you share online and through social media, your ultimate goal is to make it go viral, trend on Twitter, or be shared on Facebook. More views equal more impressions. See this example from RMS’s Facebook page:

B2C Marketing Tips

Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) is a market research firm located in Syracuse, NY. If you are interested in learning more about our market research services or better targeting your B2B or B2C marketing please contact the Director of Business Development, Sandy Baker at or by calling 1-866-567-5422.