This blog post is a summary of a recent project completed by Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS). 

Background: A regional news publication partnered with Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) to conduct a readership profile survey. The publication wanted to better understand readers’ usage, interests, and work to optimize marketing materials. The market research objective was to provide the insights needed to guide improvements to news platforms, provide demographic information of users for marketing collateral, and decipher the adjustments required of content and advertising to make it a more attractive purchase for businesses.

Readership Survey

Approach: The study consisted of an online survey administered to members of the community market area for the client. Both the print and online subscriber list was used as the sample pool for the online survey. In addition, a group of core reader contact information was collected and pulled into a database for the survey. A total of 407 surveys were completed, and fieldwork lasted approximately 5 weeks.

Results: Here are some highlights of the study’s findings:

  • 93% – Percentage of respondents that read at least 1 of the last 4 copies of the publication (56% read or looked at all four)
  • 63% – Percentage of readers that have other people at work, home, or somewhere else that read or look at their copies
  • 74% – Percentage of website users that visit the site once a month or more (37% visit a few times a week or more)
  • 53% – Percentage of respondents that read emailed news – another 30% read the these emails a few times a week
  • 91% – Percentage of respondents that stated the advertising or stories were helpful to make either business or personal decisions
  • Demographic profiles of readers included: (1) level of positions within organizations, (2) titles, (3) industry, (4) size of business, (5) total revenue or sales of the organization, (6) age, (7) educational attainment, (8) household income levels, and (9) approximate net worth

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