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Erica Winters, Research Analyst, represented RMS at the Demystifying Content Marketing seminar hosted by Eric Mower & Associates, and presented by Matt Read. Below are the key takeaways for implementing a content marketing strategy.

  1. For optimal brand engagement and buy-in from consumers, marketers need to do several things. They need to tell a good story, get the audience engaged, and build a relationship. A consumer may be drawn in by a great story, but you need to provide engaging content to keep them interested, and you need to establish a relationship to get the consumer to continue engaging with your brand.
  1. There are three types of media – paid, owned, and earned. Paid media are advertisements that are bought. Matt used the example “it’s paying to put something somewhere.” Examples of owned media include a company website and a personal twitter feed. They’re managed by your company (or an individual). When marketers get it right, paid media and owned media result in earned media such as social network sharing and press coverage.
  1. If you’re doing it, you better be measuring it. You need to monitor performance to determine success and find areas of opportunity. When it comes to social media, shares are more important to monitor than followers and likes. Shares result in a much wider projection of content than a like or follow.
  1. Focus your business energy into a select suite of social media sites. You can’t do everything for everyone. It’s better to do a great job on one or two sites, than it is to be half as good on many. It all comes back to providing engaging and relevant content.
  1. The golden rule of social media content: for every one promotional post, you should implement three posts that are relevant and interesting to your audience, but not geared towards selling your product or services. Whether it’s for B2B or B2C, people do not want to be “sold to” all the time. They’re more interested in relevant resources, and being informed and entertained.

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