The following blog post was written by Alexis Smith, Intern at RMS.




There’s a lot of hype about the impact of Millennials, those born in the early 1980s to 1993, in the workforce. The next generation to infiltrate and transform the workforce is Gen Z, those born between 1994 and 2010. According to Forbes, Gen Z is characterized as being entrepreneurial, loyal, flexible, and realistic in their approach to careers compared to Millennials.

  1. They will sacrifice salary for a flexible career

With over 3 million baby boomers expected to retire and Millennials promoted to managerial roles in 2016, a gap is left to be filled by Gen Z. Gen Z’s familiarity with technology allows them to stay connected more than any other generation, making them essential to business. However, Gen Z isn’t likely to jump on just any job offer. This generation is more likely to choose organizations that value work-life balance and opportunities for growth over salary.

  1. They are comfortable with technology

Gen Z is unique because they were raised in a technologically advanced environment. The high levels of technology have made an impact on their learning styles, making them an asset to the workforce. This customized instruction allows Gen Z to better recognize their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to adjust to shortcomings and sharpen strengths.

  1. They are hyperaware of how others perceive them

This generation is known for their social media involvement. However, Gen Z’s “obsession” with social media is also used as a tool to brand themselves. As a result, Gen Zs are expected to work hard towards career goals. Gen Z will set themselves apart in the workforce by being driven to break their self-obsessive stigma in order to please their superiors.

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