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With over 400 million users, LinkedIn is the top professional social networking site and provides individuals and organizations with invaluable networking resources. Used correctly, LinkedIn can enhance organizations from both B2B and B2C viewpoints.

Here are four reasons to why it’s essential for organizations to have a LinkedIn page.

1. Transparency

Similar to other social networking sites, LinkedIn allows businesses to create a page and share updates. Posting on LinkedIn allows organizations to raise awareness of initiatives, and encourage professional networking with current and potential followers. LinkedIn users are able to “follow” organizations of interest. Followers are notified when the organization shares a status update, blog post, job posting, and more – much like Facebook.

2. Exposure

Your organization’s LinkedIn page will gain you access to individuals you may not reach on other social networks. In fact, nearly two-thirds of users have found that LinkedIn has helped with researching and validating people and organizations. This provides the company with a great professional networking tool.

3. Expansion

LinkedIn is essential for small to medium sized businesses that are looking to expand their clientele or business as a whole. With millions of users, LinkedIn provides a platform for professionals to stay connected, engaged, and up-to-date. LinkedIn allows you to promote your content with targeted advertising approaches – whether it be to recruit a new employee, or reach prospective clients.

4. Access to new talent

If an organization needs a role filled, employers can view individuals’ profiles and connect with them. This provides recruiters with the ability to view potential employees’ job history, recommendations, education, areas of interest, connections, and more. LinkedIn is becoming a recruitment hub – where some companies are finding it more effective to find new talent than hiring a recruitment company or posting a web advertisement.

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