Recently, I attended the Central New York (CNY) Sales & Marketing Executives (SME) Valuable Sales & Lessons Techniques event. The event featured veterans from the sales industry who revealed key lessons from their professional experiences. Although I work in market research, it’s evident that these best practices are transferable to other industries. Below are three key takeaways learned from sales industry veterans that any businessperson will find useful.


  1. Put customer’s interests first

The forefront goal in business is to make your clients happy. By putting your clients’ interests first, you can think strategically about how your organization can solve their most pressing issues. In my opinion, the most successful businesses combine creativity, innovation, and hard work to “wow” clients.

  1. Make everyone else happy

Once you’ve made your clients happy, be sure your employees are satisfied too. Make sure your company offers employees the resources needed to create the best work possible. This will help make the organization an enjoyable and rewarding place to work. Employee satisfaction is crucial to creating a more cohesive brand and stronger company identity. Measuring employee satisfaction is a great way to benchmark overall satisfaction and anonymously identify areas of success and opportunity.

  1. Use social media

Social media platforms are often used by clients to learn more about an organization and its leaders before engaging in a business relationship. Of course a prospective client will look at your website, but they may also look your company up on Google and be directed to visit your business’ Facebook page, Twitter account, or Instagram profile. These social networks often give an inside look into the culture of an organization, allowing prospective clients to gain an initial view of your business before an official conversation has begun. Be present and strategic when posting on social media, knowing that it feeds consumers’ mindsets. When used effectively, organizations can see great results from its social media efforts.

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