This blog post is a summary of a recent project completed by Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS).

A healthcare provider recently partnered with Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) to conduct an employee satisfaction study. The client wanted to better understand employee satisfaction, loyalty, and unmet needs. Market research objectives included identifying areas where the client met or exceeded employee expectations, and where efforts can be targeted for improvements. The survey also benchmarked against similar employee satisfaction research conducted by RMS, as well as employee satisfaction data collected for the client in 2018.

RMS created and administered an online survey. Individual email invitations were sent to all employees. The comprehensive survey covered general areas such as: (1) overall satisfaction; (2) importance of factors such as direction, execution, connection, supervisors, work, and pay & benefits of the workplace; (3) word association with the organization as a place to work; and (4) employee demographics.

The client provided the contact databases for the survey. Prior to the launch of data collection, the client was able to review a digital version of the survey. This allows the client to preview what the survey would look like on-screen for respondents completing each question. All surveys are programmed to adapt to a mobile, tablet, or desktop environment.

Fieldwork lasted approximately two weeks. Following the data collection and analysis period, RMS provided the client with a comprehensive report, which included a visual dashboard of the findings, as well as next steps and recommendations that can be used to inform strategic planning. Some key findings are noted below.

For all six of the survey category themes (direction, execution, connection, supervisors, work, pay & benefits), employee respondents indicated that these factors are more important to them than in 2018.

  • DIRECTION: A company’s direction in relation to its mission, values, and goals. 
    • Employees indicated a slightly better sense of knowing and understanding the organization’s overall goals than they did in 2018.
  • EXECUTION: A company’s execution in relation to forming plans and carrying them out in the short-term and long-term. 
    • All questions related to this themed category experienced a drop in satisfaction, indicating an opportunity for improvement by the client’s management team.

  • CONNECTION: Employees strongly identify and live the values of the organization.
    • Two areas that showed the most significant drop in satisfaction between 2018 and 2019 are with employee trust and employee morale. Both these factors have dropped substantially and should be addressed.

  • SUPERVISORS: Supervisors in relation to how well direct and indirect managers lead and coach employees.
    • The 2019 survey indicated an improvement from the 2018 survey with regard to supervisors being accessible to employees.
  • WORK: Day-to-day work of employees, proper training, and work/life balance.
    • There was an increase in employee satisfaction pertaining to the ability to find a satisfactory balance between their personal and work life.

  • PAY & BENEFITS: Pay and benefits in relation to how fairly employees are compensated. 
    • There was an increase in 2019 employee satisfaction with the benefits provided by the organization.


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