In the mirage of COVID-19 uncertainty, you’ve been tasked to begin work to achieve your next PCMH Recognition…now what? With reduced staffing, regulatory changes, and the never-ending flow of “what-ifs,” you may find yourself wondering how you are going to manage preparing your organization for your 2020 PCMH Annual Report.

Well, you can be assured that you can obtain your Practice’s professional and thoroughly executed Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition. One of the greatest lifts to keep your team on track of both long and short term PCMH goals, is to have a well-experienced Healthcare Transformation team on your side who can provide customized consultative services that are tailored specifically to the PCMH regulated standards and requirements. A responsive and flexible PCMH Recognition / Healthcare Transformation team should be able to accommodate your site— ranging from hospital systems, large multi-sites, to small sole-provider physician practices. They will be able to guide and coach you through the PCMH process every step of the way, bringing their own team’s eclectic background of experience in care / utilization management, as well as identifying and managing social determinants of health for their clients and partners.

In the search for the Practice Transformation team that’s right for you, it’s crucial to remember that practice transformation is a journey of continuous quality improvement and education. You want to partner with a practice team to demonstrate competencies that align with concepts and criteria as defined by NCQA’s Annual Reporting requirements, as well as the most current NYS PCMH standards.

In certain unique cases, such as ours at RMS Healthcare, the Practice Transformation team will have a well-established partnership with NCQA; taking the guesswork out of PCMH requirements. We will work with you to think “outside of the box” to manage and sustain your PCMH progress. Healthcare Transformation practices who truly care for their clients and partners, like the entire team at RMS, strongly believe that PCMH should not be a burden, but rather a way of practicing medicine.

RMS Healthcare has extensive experience assisting practices in navigating the NCQA Quality Performance Assessment Support System (Q-PASS), the web-based platform utilized to submit information to NCQA. We understand the importance of making sure all information captured through this platform is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect clinician changes to ensure that you are receiving your PCMH incentives.

Whether you are renewing your PCMH recognition or just starting the PCMH journey, don’t find yourself guessing where to go from here. Get your team its own back-office of Healthcare PCMH Consulting experts who will work with you diligently with a range of customized consulting approaches to meet your needs, and objectively, to ensure your success.

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