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  1. 2013 Banking Trends | Will New Technology Make Branch Locations Obsolete?

    New technology is constantly being invented that provides uses for consumer businesses. The new technology is usually designed to make things easier and cheaper for both the business and its customers. However, sometimes it becomes easy for businesses to lose sight of how new technology is affecting its entire customer base. The banking industry has had Read more

  2. Mystery Shopping at Banks and Credit Unions | Case Study

    Background: A local credit union in Upstate NY partnered with Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) to better understand the customer experience at all of its branch locations. The credit union wanted to use mystery shopping services to learn unbiased perceptions regarding services. Specific objectives of the market research were to evaluate the customer experience based Read more

  3. Trends in the Financial Services Industry | Market Research

    We all know how much technology has grown in the past decade or so, and how it continues to grow exponentially.  Particularly in the past few years, technology has played a larger role in our day-to-day life as businesses find more uses for internet and mobile applications. These technologies provide many opportunities for businesses that Read more

  4. Quick Pulse Telephone Survey | Banking and Finance Case Study

    Background: A major bank in New York State partnered with Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) to understand the awareness of one specific under-performing bank branch compared to competitive banks and credit unions in the market area as well as identify why local residents may not be choosing the branch for their business.  Specific objectives of the market research Read more

  5. Banking and Credit Union Market Research | Case Study

    This blog post is a case study which details market research for banks and credit unions. Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) is a market research firm in Upstate NY which partners with financial institutions in the financial sector.

  6. Credit Union Marketing | Using Market Research to Grow Membership

    You can address your credit union marketing needs by taking a first step, which is market research.  Market research will provide insight and determine the needs that need to be addressed.  There are many different market research options that will provide benefits to a credit union.  For this blog post, we’ve detailed a few more common Read more

  7. How Market Research Can Help Your Business | Credit Union Consulting NY

    One of the core industries Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) focuses on is financial services – particularly, banks and credit unions.  Often times we speak with credit unions who have never used market research before in the past but need it.  This need is usually driven by a problem they incurred, whether it is stagnant member Read more

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