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  1. CAHPS Facts vs. Fiction

    The following post was written by Samadhi Moreno, Healthcare Research Associate at RMS. I recently listened to a new AHRQ Podcast on the common concerns and misconceptions regarding the CAHPS surveys. The title of the podcast series was “CAHPS Surveys: Sorting Fact from Fiction” by Rebecca Anhang-Price. CAHPS results are used for pay per performance Read more

  2. Hiring a CAHPS® Vendor? | Consider These 4 Items

    Whether you are brand new to CAHPS® or a seasoned-veteran, you should always look to work with a CAHPS vendor that fits your organization’s needs. Are you a small healthcare organization that needs to be walked-through the process, consulted with on the findings, and receive assistance to initiating next steps? There’s a CAHPS vendor for Read more

  3. ICH CAHPS Survey Vendor | Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS)

    This blog post was written by our guest blogger Michele Treinin, a Healthcare Analyst at RMS. Are you a Dialysis Center in need of conducting the ICH-CAHPS® survey? There is still time to choose a vendor to complete the process for you even though the end of the year is quickly approaching. Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) is a Read more

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