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  1. Robots Need Not Apply | Call Center Upstate NY

    This is a blog posts that discusses the importance of good quality callers in our call center in Upstate NY. Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) is a full-service market research firm and call center in Upstate NY.

  2. RMS Expands Call Center | Syracuse, NY

    Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS), a full service market research firm, recently expanded its call center, which offers inbound and outbound communication services to companies seeking to outsource various department functions, especially those which traditionally require extensive staffing and intensive management. “We offer multiple businesses inbound calling services, reducing the amount of downtime and Read more

  3. Using Telephone Surveys to Build Customer Loyalty | Call Center Upstate NY

    This blog post was written by our guest blogger Mark Dengler, President and Owner of Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) – a market research agency in Upstate NY.  This article was also featured in a prior edition of the RMS newsletter. Have you ever wondered, “Do I really understand how our customers perceive our company?  Read more

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