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  1. Worried about getting customers in this dynamic new world?

    How market research can help you discover what your customers need and expect to keep them buying your services and products. The following blog post was written by Sara Cruz, Research Analyst at RMS. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March of 2020, everything changed. With stay-at-home orders, businesses closing physical locations and the abrupt Read more

  2. Consumer Behavior Research Case Study | Linking Thoughts to Actions

    Background: In order to better understand endcap usage by shoppers, a national advertising agency engaged Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) to conduct a series of in-store intercepts and shop-alongs regarding its client’s items in a local grocery store. (What are shop-alongs? Click Here)  The end-client was a Fortune 50 multinational consumer goods company.  The intercepts and Read more

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