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  1. What Sports Analytics and Market Research Have in Common

    A few days ago, the sixth annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference was held in Boston. The officially stated goal of this conference is to “provide a forum for industry professionals (executives and leading researchers) and students to discuss the increasing role of analytics in the sports industry.” Unfortunately, I did not attend the conference, Read more

  2. The NCAA Basketball Tournament – By the Numbers

    This week marks the beginning of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. People all over the country will be filling out brackets and cheering on their favorite teams (or at least the teams that will help them win the office pool). Being located just outside of the college basketball hotbed of Syracuse, NY, we here in Read more

  3. 400 is the Magic Number | Market Research in Central NY

    This Bunker Blog post discusses the reason why 400 completes is such a common theme in market research.

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