This blog was written by our guest blogger Paul Dybas, former Business Development Associate for Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS). RMS is an ICH CAHPS® vendor based out of Syracuse, NY.

ich cahps vendor

What’s new for 2013?

Short answer: not much. The general guidelines for the administration and data collection have stayed the same for 2013. One significant difference in 2013 is that facilities with less than 10 in-center patients are exempt from the survey and need only to submit a waiver. The other change that can be expected is in the submission of the results. In 2012, CMS required that a dialysis facility attest that it has simply conducted the ICH CAHPS® survey and used an experienced third-party firm for the administration. This was to familiarize facilities with the process. It is anticipated that in 2013 facilities will need to submit their actual results to CMS. An ICH CAHPS® vendor like RMS Healthcare will take care of the submission to CMS. You should be working with your vendor now on ways to improve your ICH CAHPS® scores for the 2013 survey.

How do I get started or change my vendor? There are a few vendors that are qualified to conduct the ICH CAHPS® survey. Be sure to do your homework on each vendor before signing up to make sure the one you select is best suited for your facility’s needs. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a third-party vendor for your ICH CHAPS® survey. The RMS Healthcare team is always willing to discuss options for your facility regarding the ICH CAHPS® survey.

If you are looking for an ICH CAHPS® survey vendor and would like more information, please contact our ICH CAHPS® Business Development Director, Sandy Baker at (315) 635-9802 or email her at