Have customer needs changed? This is a common question that is differentiating the businesses who thrive from those who do not during this time of change. Understanding evolving consumer preferences following COVID-19 is not only important in terms of customer relations, but it also helps ensure you’re investing in the avenues your customers prefer and not allocating precious funds to those that don’t resonate. Many of our clients are shifting priorities to uncover these invaluable insights—let’s take a look at how we can help your business get the information needed to thrive.

First, we will meet with your team to determine overall project goals. We will work with you to understand who will be using the research, what it will be used for, where and when you’ll implement the results, and why you’d like to obtain this information in the first place. All of these questions inform the custom research approach we will outline for you, and the results will be summarized to inform what is most important to your business (such as marketing efforts, new product development, and operational changes). But don’t let the word “custom” scare you – custom does not necessarily mean expensive. We are experts at obtaining critical information in time-efficient ways. Our team has decades of experience assisting clients with these types of projects, and our expertise allows us to operate efficiently to make the best use of your time while also offering affordable options.

The information gathered at the initial meeting will be used to develop the research approach. The research may explore things such as:

  1. Consumer aided and/or un-aided brand recall and perceptions. Do they recognize your brand? How about when tested against competitors? Or solo?
  2. What do consumers need to be comfortable purchasing from your brand? Do they have specific new safety protocol preferences? Do those preferences vary by different groups of consumers?
  3. Have consumer sales channel preferences changed? Do they now prefer online options, telephone orders/curbside pickup, delivery, or in-person shopping?
  4. What is entailed in the consumer purchase process–we can help outline step-by-step decision-making insights. You may have some thoughts on the process your customers take as they consider purchasing from your brand. We can test those steps, and some new ones, to inform marketing and operational changes that will help you stay ahead of your competitors.
  5. RMS will analyze and summarize all the research to develop customer personas or profiles, as well as outline next steps for your business to consider. Our team will do the heavy lifting and make sense of the data, so you can quickly decide where to go next, and how to best reach different pockets of your current and prospective customer base.

In this time of uncertainty, we know every dollar counts, so invest in the insights needed to elevate your business ahead of the competition. Contact our Vice President of Corporate Development, Sandy Baker at SandyB@RMSresults.com or call 1-866-567-5422 to discuss how we can fulfill all of your back-office research needs!