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  1. Domino’s Jumps the Shark

    On several occasions over the last year, we in the Bunker have commented upon the ongoing Domino’s Pizza advertising campaign with regard to its foundation in market research. First, we offered praise to Domino’s for their willingness to act upon unflattering market research findings. Then, we became a little concerned when their spots strained credibility Read more

  2. The Value of Customer Satisfaction Research

    This article discusses the value of customer satisfaction research. Some of the most important value in customer satisfaction research is the survey tool you are using in itself. Asking your customers for feedback on you lets them know ‘you’re listening.’

  3. Facing Up to Unflattering Research Findings | Market Research

    Negative feedback or results from a market research study is tough to come to terms with, but clients should embrace and act on this information rather than ignore it.

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