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  1. How Many People Do We Survey? | Market Research Firm Upstate NY

    One of the more common questions in market research is “How many people do we survey?” Those who have not spent a lot of time working with surveys are not sure what the difference is between collecting 100 completes in comparison to 1,000 completes. I am sure they understand the inherent concept that 1,000 completes Read more

  2. Margin of Error and Cost Trade-off in Survey Research | Why 400?

    This blog posts discusses the ROI of margin of error versus cost in telephone survey research. Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) is a market research firm in Upstate NY.

  3. 400 is the Magic Number | Market Research in Central NY

    This Bunker Blog post discusses the reason why 400 completes is such a common theme in market research.

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