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  1. Top 12 Focus Group Trends | Market Research Company Upstate NY

    As part of our cross-country travel this week to both Chicago and Los Angeles for focus groups, it’s given me some time to catch up on some reading while in-flight. One book, that was purchased recently on behalf of RMS, was titled Secrets of a Master Moderator, written by Naomi Henderson from RIVA Market Research Read more

  2. The National Do-Not-Call Registry | Market Research Company Upstate NY

    This blog post explains why market research firms like Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) do not apply to the National Do Not Call Registry. RMS is a market research company in Upstate NY.

  3. Four Customer Satisfaction Research Tips | Generating Actionable Feedback

    The main reason for conducting customer satisfaction research is to improve your customers’ overall experience with your organization.  It is imperative that the research process lends itself to helping management make informed changes that will ultimately advance the process.  The research should not only be used as a safeguard against issues that might arise, but Read more

  4. Market Research Company Presents at BizBuzz | Upstate NY

    Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS), a market research company in Upstate NY, presented at the BizBuzz Social Media Conference in Liverpool on Tuesday at the Holiday Inn. This blog posts shows our B2B Small Business Blogging Basics presentation.

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