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  1. Spring Cleaning Your Message

    The following post was written by Mark Dengler, President of RMS. Spring has arrived and with it, a new found energy to refresh and organize. Most associate “spring cleaning” with their homes and yards, but this season of renewal also signifies an ideal time to polish your organization’s marketing activities, strategy effectiveness and messaging. The Read more

  2. What Is Green Marketing?

    The following post was written by Zach Shaw, Panel Coordinator at RMS. Companies who engage in green marketing showcase their services and products based on environmental factors or awareness. These companies consider long-term environmental and social impacts of business operational practices such as processing, packaging and distribution. The goal of green marketing companies is to Read more

  3. The Classic Debate: Market Research vs. Marketing Research

    The terms “market research” and “marketing research” are so commonly used interchangeably that it often leaves people wondering about the difference between the two. Is there really a difference? Absolutely. Qualtrics summed it up perfectly on their blog: “market research is a subset of marketing research.” While marketing in general often revolves around products, pricing, Read more

  4. The Inseparability of Services | Marketing Concepts

    In addition to working as an analyst at RMS, I am an adjunct faculty member at the SUNY Oswego School of Business. This semester, I am teaching a section of a course called Marketing Principles. One great thing about teaching an introductory course is that it requires me to think a lot about the basics Read more

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