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  1. Does Happier Staff Equal Happier Patients? | Healthcare Market Research

    This blog post was written by our new guest blogger Michele Treinin, Healthcare Analyst of the Healthcare team at Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS). Medical offices are constantly under the pressure to meet the needs of patients, not only to provide excellent healthcare but to also satisfy the patient from every aspect of their experience. Read more

  2. Client Satisfaction Survey Results | RMS Healthcare

    Yesterday’s blog post featured the RMS Analytics team’s survey results.  Today, we switch gears to highlight the Healthcare team’s results.  As was detailed yesterday, in 2012, Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) retooled its client satisfaction survey to garner more actionable feedback from our clients.  At the end of each healthcare project/process, RMS mails out a client satisfaction Read more

  3. Benefits of Patient Satisfaction Surveying | Healthcare

    With every passing day in the healthcare industry, patient satisfaction surveying is proving to be more and more commonplace.  With the increased importance of quality initiatives and reimbursement in the marketplace, both physician practices and hospitals are able to attain a positive return on investment (ROI) with this market research.  Improving the quality of care Read more

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