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  1. RMS ViewPoint Panel: Helping You Make Better Decisions

    Article by Patrick Fiorenza, RMS Director of Research Analytics – Last month, I was finalizing a research report for a client. As I was reading through responses, one quote jumped out at me. To paraphrase, this individual stated, “The industry is rapidly changing, and companies need to modernize and continue to change with it.” The Read more

  2. Recruiting the Right Participants for Your Focus Groups: Best Practices

    Article by Ryan Moore, RMS Research Coordinator At a glance: The Importance of Participant Selection – Choose participants that represent the greater demographic and are comfortable expressing their views. The Selection Process – Define the Purpose of the Focus Group and conduct a recruitment screener to confirm they meet the proper requirements for participation. Participant Outreach Read more

  3. 2013 Market Research Trend: Are Panels Worth It?

    For general quantitative research with a large scope, how likely are you to recommend online panel research to your clients and why or why not? My answer is a very firm and definite “It depends!” Online panel research can be a very appropriate option for some studies under the right conditions. Here are a few Read more

  4. Should You Embrace Panel Research? | Market Research Firm Syracuse, NY

    This article was written by our guest blogger Mark Dengler, President and Owner of Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) and it will be featured in the upcoming edition of the RMS Newsletter. This is an age where everyone wants instant results. Not only do we want it fast, but we want it cheap and accurate. Often with market research, this Read more

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